A naturally sweeter California navel orange


Thanks to thousands of willing tasters and years of technical research, California navel oranges today are harvested to a higher standard of quality.

In 2012 California navel orange maturity standards were revised for the first time since being initiated in 1915. The tastier navel orange is the result of seven years of consumer research that balances sugar and acid differently, resulting in The California Standard™. This new standard requires all California navel orange growers to field-test their fruit to be sure it meets the sweetness requirement.

Tacos to brownies and everything in between

Fresh Oranges with Spiced Red Wine
Orange Brownies
Citrus Beef Salad
Orange Walnut Muffins
Fish Tacos with California Salsa

And you’ll find lots of ways to use
fresh California
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Meet a California citrus grower

Familyfarmfresh.com. A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Ivanhoe, in the heart of California’s citrus belt. Meet Bob McKellar, farmer and entrepreneur, and the farmers that make his
CSA possible.

Lobuecitrus.com Robert LoBueAs a fourth generation citrus grower in the San Joaquin Valley, Robert LoBue knows the value of working with the land and environment to produce quality fresh citrus.  In 1934, the LoBue family began farming 40 acres of citrus in Lindsay, CA, and then started a packing operation first for their own fruit, and later for the fruit from neighboring ranches also. LoBue Citrus is still a family farming operation, with 1,000 acres of citrus and two packinghouses in the Eastern San Joaquin Valley. Some of their citrus trees are 100 years old, a testament to the hard work and dedication of previous generations to nurturing a healthy, viable crop that we can enjoy today.  Like all citrus growers in California, producing a nutritious and tasty product is a top priority for Robert and his family, and taking good care of the land is essential. Sustaining his family’s farm means future generations may continue to enjoy sweet California
navel oranges. 

Why the focus on California oranges?

Rather than Florida, you may be thinking … In fact California’s family-owned orange groves provide nearly 80% of all the fresh oranges produced in the United States.
Over 80% of Florida’s citrus crop is processed into juice.

California Citrus Mutual, which took the lead on The California Standard™ research, represents 75% of California’s 273,000-acre, $2.5 billion citrus industry.

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